“Science Rules,” said Bill Nye.


I only tell Science jokes…periodically.

We went from Movin’ & Groovin,’ as a house last week to learning all about Science this week. Each class observed as the teachers became Scientists without lab coats, and took on different experiments each day. With baking soda and the smell of vinegar in the air, we’ll end this week with a BANG! Although, I may be, ‘over-reacting.’ (Get it? Like, an overreaction hypothesis….like I said, periodically).

We had Safari Science visit us where we had a Scientist come in and show us some very cool experiments. His first stop was for the Toddlers…

All eyes were on the smoke coming off the beakers, and then…we got a chance to feel the reaction. See the brave toddlers below…

After the Toddlers, Rob the Science Guy, moved his lab to the Preschool room, where both the Seniors and Preschool groups got together to watch in amazement.

When Rob the Science Guy left, it was our Chartwell teachers who picked up where Rob left off.

The Toddlers used markers to colour coffee filters, and then sprayed the filters with water to see what would happen…

I’m guessing your hypothesis was not…

Lion heads!

The Toddlers watched as the bubbles formed as they added drops of vinegar to the baking soda.

And then before their eyes, they watched as very small water beads grew bigger and bigger as they soaked up the water in the sensory bin…

Slimy water bead fun!

Down the stairs in Preschool they mixed these ingredients seen below and watched as the bubbles started to pour over the top of the cup!


Then the teachers disguised as Scientists asked the children about different items around the classroom and if they thought the item would sink to the bottom of the bin, or float on top of the water.

Will the train sink, or will it float? The suspense! What do you ch-ch-choose?

What’s better than a gummy bear? A giant gummy bear! The Preschoolers held back from eating the ingredients as they dropped the same coloured gummy bears into a cup full of water. Not only were they waiting to see if the water would change colour to match the colour of the gummy bears inside, but they also wanted to know if the gummy bears would saturate in the water and get big ol’ gummy tummies.

The bears divided into colours.
Bears are placed, and now we wait…

The results: The water did not change colour, instead the bears were so thirsty they soaked up all the water and grew, and grew into giant gummy bears, giant, slimy gummy bears.

The Senior Preschool teachers, Ms. Melo and Ms. Hillis, handed over their lab coats to the Seniors to let them control their own experiments…

Above photo: The popular choice of mixing vinegar into baking soda and food colouring.

Below photo: Making paint ice-cubes. Using the droppers to transfer the paint and water into the ice- cube tray, and then putting it in the freezer before painting with the ice the following day.

They learnt all about magnets.
And they took a closer look to sort the colours.

When we took our lab coats off, you’d be surprised to know we are also a house full of gardeners. We added a few different vegetables to our garden in the preschool yard. We are now responsible for the growth of: green beans, peppers, broccoli, pumpkins, and more.

Yes, we can handle it! Just like we can all handle the truth about the weekend being so close! Our Science week is coming to an end, and the start to our ‘POND LIFE’ week is just around the corner. Now, let’s dive into the weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

-The Chartwell House.


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