We like to…MOVE IT!

It was a short week here at The House, but that did not stop us from packing in a whole lot of fun! We moved, and we most definitely grooved! As this week was all about shaking our tail feathers to the beat of our own drum…guitar, tambourine, shaker, frying pan, spoon and anything else we could create a beat with.

Before we travel through the week to see where the music took us – I would like to show you the newest addition to our Preschool yard…(don’t worry Toddler parents, yours is currently under construction, stay tuned).

THE MUSIC WALL! A BIG thank you goes out to our friends at CS Contractors, and a BIG apology goes out to our neighbours.
First they were unsure, and then they went out with a BANG!

From hitting the music wall, to hitting the dance floor we did not miss a beat! We welcomed Bert, who played DJ and brought a bubble machine, which was a bigger hit than that “Call Me Maybe,” song that I know we all had stuck in our head at one point. Also, I am still not sure who had more fun –  the children or the teachers…especially when Justin hit the speakers!

Bert played the hits from The Lego Movie, to Moana, to of course, the Biebs himself (Justin Bieber).

Not only did we have a dance party this week, but we all cooled off on WATER DAY!

Now, that we have beat the music wall and heat, let’s go indoors and have a look at what happened around the House for Movin’ and Groovin’ week.

We made and decorated our own instruments…

We were inspired by the movie, “Big…”

And we participated in a classic game of, musical chairs…


Before the beat drops…

The week may be over, but let’s DANCE into the weekend! Put your favourite song on, and have your very own dance party – it’s summer! That is something to celebrate!

And because it is summer our programming has changed, which means you will also see a change in the blog. Each week will be a different theme, but we will all be focusing on that same theme and so the blog will be what the whole school did, instead of being broken down into what each class did. This week was Movin’ and Groovin,’ and next week we put our goggles and lab coat on as we head into Safari Week!

Activities scheduled for this week:
–  Safari Science coming in for 10am on Tuesday July 11
–   Rockin’ Rattles stopping by on Wednesday July 12

Now, on to the weekend…MUSIC to my ears.

Enjoy your weekend everybody!

-The Chartwell House




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