Happy Canada D’Eh!

It’s the day before The True North turns 150! Our home and native land is growing up so fast – it has been through a lot, yet continues to rise. From far and wide, we want to join the 36,623,581 Canadians and say…untitled

Here’s to you Canada! We are proud.
We will keep the party going, as the older ones of the House celebrated Canada for the week.

These ones have yet to be puzzled, they’re putting all the pieces together.

Here’s the scoop on being Canadian…


“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Colouring Canadian Money.
Tracing our answers to why we love Canada!

Not that the Preschool class doesn’t DIG Canada or anything, but they were busy digging, bull-dozing, and learning all about construction this week.

They worked on both their letter and number recognition…


And they moved, dumped, shoveled, scooped, and bull-dozed kernels in the sensory bin…


The Preschoolers were more about demolishing things where the Toddler Twos were more about building things. This week, T2 continued their interest in buildings, towers and skyscrapers.


Building the different Skyscrapers from around the world.
Where we come up with all of our bright ideas…

What happens after you’ve put in a hard days work building towers, and constructing skyscrapers…

The Toddler Twos were too busy building to BUG anyone else, but the Toddler One class were all about BUGS this week as they continued to explore the different creepy-crawlers that are out there.

It’s a bug’s life and we’re just colouring it.

We all had a busy week here, finishing up our usual programming and preparing for the Summer fun and we all cannot wait for the long weekend to arrive, but before we go celebrate Canada, there is one last thing I must mention…

The Senior Preschool classroom not only celebrated Canada’s Birthday, but they partied and celebrated for their Graduation – for we have started to say goodbye to some of our Seniors! Although, it is sad to see them go, and hard to say goodbye, we know they are all more than ready for “big-school!” I mean, look at them…

All Smiles in their new tees.
They did it!

“As we go on we remember all the times we had together and as our lives change come whatever we will still be friends forever…” (Graduation Song – Vitamin C) From all of us here at the House we want to wish all of our Grads the best of luck! 🙂
Spread those wings, it’s time to fly!

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