Drum roll please…

The wait is over…summer

We did it everyone, we got through the long winter, beat the blues, and managed the rain to get to where we are now…SUMMER! Bring on the sunshine, and the heat and let the FUN…continue.

It may be summer, but we were just as busy this week at the House…although we do make multi-tasking look easy. See below.

Phone to ear, hands to keys.

When we weren’t responding to the calls and emails, we were busy in our classrooms, taking advantage of the sunshine, or keeping dry from the rain. We had Suzie Sunshine visit us earlier this week, and finally got to have a class outside in the front yard.

The Preschool and Senior Preschoolers went on a fairy hunt around the school and up the street with our Meditating Munchkins visit on Wednesday.

That was our last Meditating Munchkins session until the Fall, and to celebrate our completion we received our diplomas!


Speaking of diplomas, we also gained our “Certificat de Merite” from Madame S to acknowledge our Français fin.


From hunting fairies, to singing our hearts out with Suzie, to improving our second language to banging on our drums because we “don’t want to work…we just want to sit in the shade and listen to Ms. Melo’s vocals and bang on our drums all day…”


But when the music stopped, the Seniors of the House went back inside to continue their learning about caterpillars and big beautiful butterflies.

Munching through a green leaf with scissors…but they were still hungry.
Painting their hands green to create the very hungry caterpillar.
Tracing the number of the items the hungry pillar’ ate.

The youngest of the House followed in the 16 footprints of the caterpillars in Senior Preschool and joined in on the bug discussion. They were able to create their very own recycled items board to display their bug-themed creation. And we could not have done it without your help, and so we thank you to those who brought in egg cartons and napkins!

The ladies of Chartwell.
They explored the great outdoors to see if they could catch their own creepy-crawlers.
From catching them to colouring them…BUGS BUGS BUGS!

They even had a puppet show inspired by the classic, “It’s a Bug’s Life.”

The main actors.

Now, if you were to walk next door into the Toddler Two classroom you wouldn’t have been able to BUG them if you tried – they were too busy building, bulldozing, and yelling, “TIMBER!!” to be bothered at all. Ms. Marnery, and Ms. Kelloway set up the classroom for the children to explore on their own and the next few photos are what happened next…

They were maneuvering rocks with bulldozers and dump trucks.

They traced the helicopter, and then asked Ms. Marney to make them paper-airplanes. This is when they took flight…airplanes were soaring everywhere! They even flew over some of the skyscrapers we built before we acted like tornadoes and knocked them down.

“We started from the bottom, now we’re here”


“It’s going down, we’re yelling TIMBER!”

If you make like that tower did in the above photo and go down-down-down…the stairs you would find yourself surrounded by a whole lot of the colour, PINK!

“It was a rainy day, too wet to go outside. Ms. Rogers said, “let’s make cupcakes! What colour do you want?” “Pink,” I said. “Pink, pink,pink!” And so, the Preschool class made pink cupcakes, and the week was inspired by the “Pinkalicious,” children’s book by, Victoria and Elizabeth Kann.


Think pink…


Pink on pink on blue.


The Preschoolers watch on as Ms. Rogers makes Pink J-E-L-L-O for sensory play.


I dare you to go first…

And then it happened…they made PINK cupcakes!

Helping Ms. Rogers mix the ingredients together.


That look says it all.

And that look is the same look that is on my face as I look outside to see the rain has stopped and the sun is out, and the weekend is here! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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