We’re feeling HOT HOT HOT!

With the temperatures reaching into the high 20s, and the humidity making it feel like an inferno outside, we have done our best to stay cool here at The House…without any complaints of course. We will take the sunshine, and welcome the heat as Summer is just days away! (Countdown: 5 days away to be exact!).

It’s almost here!

We had a busy week with Monkeynastix, Yoga, Mr. McCoy and Karate, Rockin’ Rattles, and French with Ms. S visiting us. With lots of shade in our yard, we took advantage and enjoyed the extra fun under the pines.

We may not have Rattles, but we were ROCKIN!


Suns out buns out!


Above photos: French with Ms. S – the Preschoolers gather in a circle to learn all about the weather en Francais! Not only are they learning about the weather, they have been practicing their days of the week and months of the year too. Don’t be shy, ask your little one to count to dix and see how they do! Do we all love the French Program with Ms. S?  – Oui do!

Before we welcome Summer, there is another day we must recognize, and one that is just around the corner too – Father’s Day! And since the Toddler Ones think their Daddy’s should be acknowledged more than just one day, they took the whole week to talk about FATHER’S! All about Dad was the focus. They talked about their Dads, they worked hard on a very special gift for their Dad, and they even grilled like their Dad too.

Decorating Dad’s OOTD (outfit of the day!)
Top Secret Project. This may be a hint…
Dad you may be the Grill Master but I’m HOT on your trail.

The Toddler Ones showed appreciation to their Dads this week, and as we move into the Toddler Two classroom they were showing appreciation to that place we call HOME. It was all about things around the house, and around the community this week for the older Toddlers. Talking all about what HOME means to them – from the actual home they live in to the surrounding area they may roam.  They talked about where they travel within their community – from sitting in the cart while grocery shopping, to choosing the classics from the shelves of the library. It’s the little things we do together that makes it all feel like HOME.

Above photos: The children play HOUSE with what resembles their HOME

A trip to the local Grocery Store.

To coming home and sorting the veggies and fruits.

Visiting your home town library.
Over the BRIDGE and around the BLOCK – to the bank we go.

Now, if you were to walk down the stairs in our House, you’d walked right into the Preschool classroom, where, and I hope I don’t BUG you when I say this, but where they were learning all about INSECTS!

Above photos: They got their hands messy as they made Bumble Bees, Lady Bugs, and Butterflies for creative.

Below photos: They looked at bug x-rays, they built their own replica of a bug with rocks, and they got a little bit closer to the bugs in the garden.

They rescued the insects one by one that were frozen in a giant ice-cube.

Letter recognition bug style.

There must of been a theme in the House because only steps away the Senior Preschool room was talking all about a caterpillar who was very, very hungry. They discussed the life cycle of a butterfly…

pillar1They worked on their number recognition while counting all the foods the hungry caterpillar ate, and also worked on patterns with the foods too…

They focused on their fine motor skills while threading a caterpillar together, using tongs to feed pom-poms to the ‘pillars and practicing with scissors too.

And they got creative – dipping a cup into paint to create the very, very, hungry caterpillar!pillar9

Now, let’s blow this cocoon and FLY into the weekend!

Before I sign off to go ride the heat wave, I would like to say, “Happy Father’s Day!” to all the Father’s out there – from us to you, CHEERS!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

-The Chartwell House.

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