It feels like Summer!

The countdown is on! 12 more days until SUMMER is here! We have been lucky to already feel that summer air, and with a heat-wave warning for the weekend we are more than ready to dive right into summer…or big giant pool!

Speaking of Sunshine, we started the week off with Suzie Sunshine helping us improve our movement and coordination as she sang and had us two-stepping! We have one more class with Suzie before we start on our summer activities. “There’s no sunshine when she’s gone…” But there will be lots and lots of fun activities planned until she’s back at The House in September.

Not only did Suzie visit this week, but so did a hedgehog, a snake named Cow, a bearded dragon and a chinchilla to name a few of the animals that joined Animal Ambassadors on their visit – which took place outdoors this time!

Along with Suzie, and the Animals we had a special guest appearance from Peter, Ms. S’ other half, who came to visit in the driveway with a big yellow school bus. From the Toddlers to the Seniors, we all got a chance to sit in the seats and sing the classic, “wheels on the bus!” We would like to send a special thank you out to Ms. S for organizing, and to Peter for bringing the big yellow school bus to The House.


Let’s go from the seats of the bus, to the seats in the classrooms, and have a seat while I tell you just what each class in The House got up to this week.

We will start in Toddler One, where the youngest of the group sat down with some Teddy Bears to have one giant picnic. They brought in their own favourite Teddy Bear to show their friends, and to have a picnic with. A Teddy Bear’s Picnic was had. They decorated a giant teddy bear with much smaller teddy bear stickers, they freed the gummy bears from ice cubes, they glued oats in bowls to make oatmeal for the bears, and they worked on their colour recognition as they matched the colours of the bears together.

Once trapped in ice, the gummy bears are now free!

From giant bears in T1 to itsy-bitsy spiders in the T2 – the older toddlers were learning all about BUGS this week, and looking at the different insects.

They worked hard on trying to find the perfect match.
They took a much closer look at the creepy-crawlers than I would!
Using their fine-motor skills they tried hard to avoid the web to get to the spiders.
Bug X-Rays!

If you crawled your way down to the Preschool classroom, you wouldn’t be free from the crawlers just yet, you’d run right into a very, very hungry caterpillar!


What does a very, hungry caterpillar eat you ask? See below.

“…but he was STILL hungry!”
Letter recognition with the ‘pillar.

Now, let’s make one last crawl over to the Senior Preschool classroom where they’ve been flying through the week like a BIRD! They’ve been pecking away at the topic of BIRDS, and continue to explore the world of the wings. Have a look with a bird’s eye view…

With lots of photos to be inspired, the Seniors put pencil to paper to have a go at drawing their own bird.


What came first – the egg or the chicken?


Making bird feeders with CHEERIOS!


Taking care of the classroom chick.

Before we fly into the weekend, let’s talk FRENCH with Ms. S. The children continue to learn about the weather, seasons and different temperatures – all while enjoying the SUMMER weather outside in the HOT temperature!




Speaking of HOT, it’s going to be a HOT, HOT, HOT weekend, so like us here at Chartwell, stay cool 😉


Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

-The Chartwell House

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