“Hey JUNE, don’t let me down…”

June has arrived! The sun has been out, the weather has been warm, and the House has been busy. We had an action-packed week with Suzie Sunshine, Monkeynastix, Karate, Rockin’ Rattles, and Yoga stopping by to sing, dance, kick, jump, rock, and stretch with us.

Rockin’ Rattles singing the classics outside with the Toddlers.


The Toddlers are very balanced during Monkeynastix.


The Preschoolers stand in line for Yoga class.


The Senior Preschool class warming up in the front yard with Mr. McCoy for Karate.

The Seniors of the House have been hit with the summer vibes already – enjoying the sun, and outdoor space as much as possible. And with most of them knowing they are heading to “big school” in September, they are more than ready for the summer fun at Chartwell to begin.

They took advantage of the green space we have at the front of the House with Mr. McCoy this week during Karate. First they stretched it out, seen in the photo above, and then they were challenged to run through an obstacle course. Check this video out..




They also practiced their Kata (formal exercises).

When they weren’t outside, they were inside talking all about BIRDS. They made a list of all the different types of birds they could name, they drew their own birds, they traced over the letters spelling, “B is for Bird,” and they got to play with bird nests in the sensory bin too.


We soared through the week with the Senior Preschool class, now let’s move next door to the Preschool class where their days were numbered…as in they counted on each day, as in their focus for the week was NUMBERS. They shared their favourite numbers with their friends, they worked on their number recognition, they traced numbers, they counted, and they got their hands wet as they dove for numbers in the sensory bin during outdoor programming.

Count the dots to recognize the number.
Concentrating on tracing the numbers.
Bobbing for numbers…
How many legs do you see? What about arms?

The Seniors flew through the week, the Preschools counted on each day of the week, and the Toddler Twos picked their own theme of the week from the garden and talked all about FLOWERS. They learnt about gardening last week, and so this week they kept the children’s interest going as they stopped and smelt the roses.

Making their own flower arrangements.
Painting outside using the flowers.
Painting inside using plastic bottles, and toilet paper rolls to make their own flower outlines.
Working on our pincer grasp to trace the flowers.

In the above photos the Toddler Two class was working on a science experiment. They wanted to turn the white petals of the flowers different colours. And to do so, they added food colouring to the water, and waited to see the results. After a few days, the white petals started to change colour…it worked! Magic.

The sun was shining, and the weather was warm, and to cool off the Toddlers played with ice-cubes – not just any ice-cubes but cubes that had flowers stuck inside! See below.flowers6

While the Toddler Two class were feeling the cold temperature of the ice-cube, the Toddler One class was touching and feeling all kinds of different materials and they continued to focus on “touch and feel” sensory.

They painted using bubble wrap as their canvas, they played with sensory boards made by Ms. S, and they felt all kinds of material as they explored the outdoors: flower petals, pinecones, the turf, the tree bark….

Now, I have a feeling you know what is next…you’re getting warmer, warmer, nope never mind you are cold. I will give you a hint….BONJOUR! That’s right, before I sign off, let’s talk FRENCH. A new month, means a new topic. We learnt all about Pets in May, and now Ms. S is teaching The House all about weather, and the different temperatures.

Because it was “chaud extérieur” we had French Friday under the trees.

The weather is still on the warmer side as I am typing this, and so I will sign off to go enjoy the sun! I hope you all do too, before the rain makes it’s return.

Have a great weekend!

-The Chartwell House.


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