Short, but Sweet week

After enjoying a long weekend at the cottage with our feet up, it was back to the House early Tuesday morning for a short, but fun-filled week. It may have been a wet week, with all the rain and it may have kept us from enjoying the great outdoors, but it did not stop us from packing in all we could to keep your little ones educated, and well entertained. The Toddlers had Monkeynastix to get their little heart-rates going, Preschool played and learnt about a different sport each day, and the oldest of the House dance, sang, and moved and grooved to shake all their sillies out. And to end the week, we all got to spend the day in our JAMMIES!

There’s not much that FEELS better than waking up, and getting to go straight to work, or school in your PJ’s! Especially when it’s actually Pajama Day!

Speaking of feelings…the Toddler One classroom got to feel a lot of different items as they focused on texture this week. From soft, to rough, to slimy, to sticky they got a feel for different textures as they got their hands into everything.

Above: Sensory boards made to feel different textures of material.

They squished J-E-L-L-O, let mud slide between their fingers, painted with Pudding, and even popped bubble wrap outside using the wheels of the cars, or the bottom of their shoes as they drove and stomp on the wrap taped to the ground.

Spa Day in T1
Panting with Pudding outside!

The Toddlers started just walking along the bubble wrap that was taped to the ground outside, until one of them drove over the wrap in a car, and then they all had to try as the sound of the bubbles popping was a blast!

Snap, crackle, POP!

Getting away with wearing your jammies to work is a good feeling, but another good feeling is when Spring is in the air, and gardens are starting to bloom. And that is just want happened in Toddler Two this week, as they learnt all about gardens, and how they grow.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary’s answer – !. Soak the seeds. 2. Exposed the seeds. 3. Plant the seeds. 4. Water the seeds. 5. Let the sun shine!


Practicing their gardening skills in the sensory bin.


Not only did they learn about gardens – they painted with flowers, and they made beautiful flower arrangements too.


When they weren’t in the garden, they were also learning all about patterns, and working on their name recognition, trying to find the letters needed to spell their names.


Speaking of gardens, have you been to Maple Leaf Gardens? That old historic building where the Leafs use to play? You know, that good ol’ hockey game? Well now that we’re on the topic, let’s stay there and head to Preschool where they talked all about (summer) SPORTS!


Not only did Preschool have PJ Day, they also had Blue Jay Day where they sported their best Jay’s gear. See below…

They were dressed and ready to be taken out to the ball game!


Each day their was a new sport to learn, and conquer and a creative to create too!

Thumb print baseballs.

Table tennis anyone?

If you haven’t been to Maple Leaf Gardens, that’s okay we’ll just take you back to the garden, as the Senior Preschool classroom joins Toddler Two in talking all about GARDENS.


Learning and practicing how to plant the seeds in the sensory bin.

They worked their green thumb, but also used a few other fingers as they practiced using their pincer grasp to trace garden related words.



They also used their imagination to design their own gardens..garden6When the rain held off, the Seniors took advantage and took their programming outdoors. Reading, and painting…


Now, before we paint the town red because it’s FRIDAY, let me show you about what Ms. S did for French this week – A pet matching game! See below.

The children continued to learn their pets in French – chat, chien, lapin, torture, and poisson and were challenged this week to see if they could remember not only the names, but to see if they could match the correct item to the correct pet (using only the names of the pets in French of course!).

Along with pet names, they count to dix, and sing the days of the week – and today, well today is Vendredi, and that means we are heading into the weekend! Au revoir!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

– Thc Chartwell House

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