SUN SUN Mr. Golden SUN

We could not have asked for better Spring weather this week at The House. The sun was shining, the sunscreen was out, and we all took advantage of our beautiful outdoor space. We brought our programming outside, we had snack outside, and we even sang our hearts out during Rockin’ Rattles outside.

Pictured above is Senior Preschool and Preschool rocking out under the trees with our Rockin’ Rattles visit. Also pictured are the toddlers getting a chance to strum the guitar as they too enjoyed the fun in the sun.

Nothing better than chilling out on a Muskoka chair in the hot sun with your friend beside you! Toddler Two took advantage and enjoyed their first picnic of the year, having their snack in the yard. And to add a little more colour to the House you will notice painted tires, planters, and a few rocks decorated by the Seniors of the House scattered in the gardens.

Speaking of the Seniors, let’s start with their room this week, where they have been discussing, and learning all things to do with gardening. The flowers have finally bloomed, and the weather is finally cooperating to get a start on our gardens. Stay tuned!

The Senior Preschool classroom worked on their fine motor skills as they practiced their pincer grasp holding a paintbrush to paint their own beautiful flower, they carefully used the scissors to cut out plants organizing them smallest to tallest, and then with lots of concentration they scooped and planted the flowers in the sensory bin.

The Seniors were also busy exploring the outdoors, and having a closer look at the gardens around the neighbourhood as they went on a nature walk. Look at those colours in the photo below…

“The ants go marching two by two…”

Not only did they venture through the neighbourhood, the Seniors of the House went on an adventure to the Halton Waste Management Site. The most exciting part – the big school bus!

Hands up if you recycle!

We stayed on the bus, as Nicole our tour guide jumped on and gave us a tour of the site. With songs to sing, and lessons on recycling, composting, and garbage disposal we learnt a lot as we drove along the roads made out of recycled tires, concrete and possibly even some of our old diapers!

That’s a lot of waste in the yard. That’s yard waste.
Here we are in the middle of the landfill and although it may look like it would smell like a landfill, there were very large vacuums that sucked up the stink to turn into electricity! How? That’s a question for Bill Nye. However, I can say it did not smell, and I did not see one seagull in the sky.

The Senior Preschoolers were not alone when they were learning all about recycling, and how to make the Earth a cleaner place – the Preschool classroom were also talking all about the Environment, and ways we can help.

Working on our letter recognition here on Earth.
Learning what goes in which bin. Don’t be shy to ask them for help on recycling day at home, they’ll go green with you.

They too practiced how to use scissors properly as they cut the newspaper, and then recycled the clippings once they were finished.

Quick story time (Warning: do not try this at home) When I was little, my older brother put me out by the curb beside the recycling bin, thinking just maybe they would take me away too. He learnt that day that we humans are not recyclable.

Oh family…

That story leads me perfectly from recycling to family…which is exactly what Toddler Two was focusing this week – Family and Me (no no, not me personally, but them, all about themselves).

In the above photos the toddlers are practicing how to dress – which item goes where? In the photos below, they discovered how tall they are, and painted their family using only their fingers.

They also took their programming outside…

They used the sidewalk chalk to outline their bodies and then getting to see just how tall they look from a bird’s eye view.


They also worked on their letter recognition, stepping on the first letter of their name.

Now, let’s take a few steps next door and learn what the youngest group of the House was focused on this week. The Toddler Ones had a very busy room this week, but that did not stop them on taking their programming outdoors, where they worked on opposites. They talked cars – fast vs slow, big vs small. They learnt other opposites like – night and day, up and down, backwards and forwards, and left and right.

Let’s get right into French with Ms. S. This month they are focusing on PETS.
Here’s what they’ve been working on:


Cat = Chat. Bunny = Lapin. Fish = Poisson. Dog = Chien. Turtle = Tortue.


Find the Tortue! Found it.


Along with learning the different pets, they continue to practice their days of the week, months of the year and counting to dix.

Now, you can now count on me allowing you to enjoy your ‘opposite of short’ weekend, I have kept you long enough.

From me to you – Whether at the cottage, or at home, I hope you all have a great weekend!

  • The Chartwell House.


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