This one goes out to…

All the Mother’s out there! For all you do, we thank you!


Before the Mom’s get to kick their feet up for their special day, let me tell all of you what happened this week at The House. We had Suzie Sunshine to start the week off, and then we closed the week with the animals visiting. Suzie sang to us, she helped with our pitch, and Do-Re-Mi’s, and then Animal Ambassadors brought in some very soft, very cuddly pythons for us to enjoy!

That is a 6 foot python…I was not kidding.

When the Animals were packed away, and Suzie ended her stay we were in our classrooms talking all about MOM’s this week. And Bugs…Moms and Bugs.

We will start in the Toddler district, where both classes came up with reasons why they love their Mommies…see below to find out why your little one loves you.

Toddler One
Toddler Two.

When they weren’t learning all about Mommies, they were getting their hands messy making something special for them.  All week, the teachers and the children were working together to make the perfect gift. Here’s an inside peak…

“When you sip your coffee, or have your cup of tea, you will now think of only me!”

The Toddlers were not alone when it came to focusing on their Mommies this week – the Preschool class joined them talking, and learning all things MOM related.

That spells M-O-M! Or is it W-O-W?
Mother May Odin Make Muffins Monday in October with Olivia? Words that start with the letter…

We all know we love our Moms, and that does not stop once you get to Senior Preschool, however, the love for BUGS is also big as the Seniors of the House took on another week learning all about the creepy crawlers.

 They practiced holding scissors and using them properly to cut out the different  pictures. They had to look at the picture, and decide whether it was of an insect or not, and then using the glue stick place the picture into the right column.

Is that a bird, a bee or a…decisions!

They also practiced their pincer grasps as they looked at the pictures of the different insects and bugs beside them giving them inspiration to draw their very own picture.

What CHAMPS these Senior Preschoolers are at drawing.

Not only did they draw different insects, they moulded them too. Using playdough to create a table full of worms, ants, spiders and more. bugscont2

With all the bugs crawling inside, we were lucky to finally get to spend time outdoors as the rain finally stopped. It may have felt a little more like Fall this week, but that did not stop us from enjoying the crisp rides on the bikes, the chalk on the sidewalk, and soccer against Ms. Melo – we even got creative with the scooters.

On your mark…

Now, let’s scoot into the weekend.
We would like to wish all of the Mommies out there a very Happy Mother’s Day from all of us here at The House. Enjoy YOUR day.

-The Chartwell House







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