May Rain Brings June Blooms?

They say April showers are suppose to bring May flowers, but when the rain just doesn’t stop…we sit back and wait for the flowers to bloom in June.

It was a very wet, very “inside” type week here at The House. With the rain just raining on we tried to keep the children as busy as we could with lots going on inside. We had the Toddlers busy on exercise bikes, and treadmills during Monkeynastix, Mr. McCoy had the older children work up a sweat with their Karate moves, we sang our little hearts out with Rockin’ Rattles, we got our Francais on with Ms. S, and we all took a deep breath to end the week with Yoga.

With the rain, and the warmer weather we have noticed the BUGS are back! When the sun was shining, if we can remember since it’s been a while, we spotted bumble bees, butterflies, and those little black bugs that seem to take over at this time of year. We have seen worms, spiders, and ants…oh my! The Seniors of the House felt like it was time to take a closer look at the BUGS that we see, hear about, and sometimes even feel.

Eye spy with my magnify glass…

From catching, pinching, and reading all about them, they may just know enough to BUG all of you with their critter knowledge.

Some of you may agree with me that those spiders you find in the corners of your home are not your idea of a house pet, but they seem to make their way in and enjoy the stay anyway. Those spiders along with flies, bees, and centipedes are not the ideal pet, but if you were to walk into the Preschool classroom you would find photos on the mantle, and walls with our real idea of house pets!

Our pets say CHEESE!

The Preschool class shared their photos of their fury family members, while learning all about what types of pets people may have sharing their home – from puppies, to turtles, to birds, to kittens, to snakes – pets may vary, but the love we have for them is all the same.

We worked on our numbers using the fish, and we practiced our letter recognition as we learnt the letters that spell out the word…P-E-T-S!

We will jet from pets, and take a walk up the stairs into Toddler Two where they are learning all about Outer Space – a place where the Jetsons lived with their family pet, Astro!

They made rocket ships using the letters of their name, they explored the planets as they dug each one out of the moon-dust in the sensory bin, and they looked at all the stars as they flew through outer space in their space ship!

They kept their hands busy as they created the night sky using cookie cutters, tin foil, and yellow paint. They dabbed the cookie cutter into the yellow paint to create the stars, and then moulded the tin foil around a circle cut-out to mimic the moon. See below…

I may not have PLANET, however, the Toddler One teachers did! This week the Toddler One class focused on sorting colours. They worked on their colour recognition, and then challenged themselves to sort the colours into proper piles. They grouped the matching coloured pom-poms and then found the right coloured pipe to pop those pom-poms down. Say that five times fast!

Although it’s been so GREY outside, we can look on the bright side…the weekend is here! It may be a wet weekend as well, but you can enjoy the inside SPACE with you, your little and your PET(s), hopefully they don’t BUG you too much! 😉


-The Chartwell House

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