Rain, rain go AWAY, let’s move on to the month of MAY!

We are only days away from May…can you believe it?

The month of April flew by leaving only puddles behind from all those showers, but now we wait and look forward to the BLOOM of the flowers promised in May.

You can also now look forward to me telling, and showing you all about your child’s week here at The House. Ready…let’s grow!

This week we will start in our Senior Preschool where they continued their going green theme, embracing the fact that April is Earth Month. They have recycled, they have reduced, and they have reused! See below…

They learnt all about recycling, they’ve discussed composting, and they’ve talked about ways they can help save water and make the place we live in a better, cleaner and safer Earth. Such as…

I am going to help the Earth by telling Daddy to turn off the water when shaving. – Sadie.

I am going to help Earth by not cutting down trees. – Aaron.

 They came up with ways they would help clean Earth, and then they took it into their own hands…

Those are their hands pledging their promises to how they are going to keep the Earth clean.

Now that we have taken care of Earth, let’s move on to Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupitar,  Pluto, oh opps, nevermind Pluto is too small, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. These are the Planets that Preschool have been exploring as they continue their walk on the moon in SPACE.

They learnt the Planets, they built a spaceship, they walked on the moon…these Preschool children are out of this world!

Here they used their finger to draw the different numbers in the moon dust.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1….BLAST OFF! We have launched ourselves up and into the Toddler district…let’s get out and explore what the little ones of The House did this week…

It’s a shame we forgot our umbrella’s because it’s been raining all week in Toddler Two.

“Blue rain, blue rain…” – Inspired by Prince.

The sun might have been shining outside all week, but the senior Toddlers were inside making it rain. They discussed all topics on rain – what colour is the sky when it rains? What is in the sky when it starts to shower? Where does Mr. Golden Sun go when the clouds come out?

Painting the rain and the clouds.

They also took a break from the rain, and joined the Senior Preschoolers in appreciating Earth Month – as they used their fingers to move the paint around with this “spill-free’ version of the Earth.


Now, for us to get out of the rain, let’s make our way over to the Toddler One classroom where they learnt who had who for a pet. They shared their pet photos with their friends, they decorated puppies and kittens, and found Nemo while making fish bowls. pets5They loved seeing their fury-friends up on the wall for all to see, often visiting the photos pointing to the puppies and asking their names – Coco, Kona, Lady and more have made a home here in Toddler One.

They even worked hard and built a Doggie-House for all the stuffed Pups to have a spot to go, hangout and sleep.


That’s each classroom covered, and now I will cover what happened this week as Mrs. S made her rounds for French Fridays. For the month of April all the children have been learning how to say the different members of your famille, counting to dix, singing the days of the week, and naming the months – all in Français. Très impressionnant!


Maman est que vous?

It is no longer RAINING CATS and DOGS, so let’s get out of this SPACE, and enjoy what Mother Nature has in store for us this weekend here on planet EARTH.

Enjoy the rest of April. See you in May.

-The Chartwell House.



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