April Showers!

We are going to have a lot of May flowers!

The warm weather we hoped would stay seemed to have gone with the wind this past weekend, as we bundled up again for our short week back at The House after a very egg-citing Easter break. With the children running on chocolate, and jelly beans, we packed this short week with lots of things to keep these bunnies busy.


This week we will start in the Toddler Two room where they kept the Easter theme going – decorating cut-out eggs, and seeing what would happen when they dipped a Bunny-shaped Peep into water, and then what would happen when they PEEPED into vinegar.

(To find out what happened: ask your offspring for answers)

Results may vary.



It’s a sticky situation for these two.


Forget the q-tips use your fingers!

While these Toddlers were focused on Easter, the other Toddlers across the way jumped right into asking Mary about her garden, and how does it grow. With all ears focusing on the childhood classic nursing rhythm – Mary, Mary Quite Contrary. They learnt how to water flowers, mix the flowers to make beautiful bouquets to brighten the room, and got their hands messy as they painted flowers for creative.


Very carefully watering the flowers. *Water not included.


Hand-print flowers!


“Right foot on orange…”

Let’s move from the Toddlers upstairs into the SPACE of the Preschoolers downstairs. Now, let’s moon-walk our way into the Preschool classroom and act like we didn’t PLANET! If you haven’t guessed already, Preschool focused on Outer Space this week – learning about the aliens, the planets, the sun, and everything evolving around it.


The sun, the planets, and the ALIENS!


Look at all that SPACE in the sensory bin!


Exploring Space in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….


Maybe they do exist! No comet.

While the Preschool class was learning all about the planets, the Senior Preschool class was learning all about the Planet we live on, and how we can make it a better one – environmentally. The Seniors of the school have been learning all about recycling, reducing and reusing this week as they take a closer look at what they need to do to help save our environment.


Recycle? Reduce? or Reuse?


Putting Earth back together one recycled item at a time.


Working together painting a RECYCLED box, to REUSE as a tree in our dramatic centre.

The week was REDUCED, which means tomorrow is already Friday! We hope you all enjoy your weekend. Go Green.


  • The Chartwell House














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