Let’s HOPe for more warm weather!


Taking in the sunshine!

There’s nothing better than telling the children to get ready to go outside, and the only thing they need to do is change their shoes – no snow pants, no jackets, no toques, no mittens, just outdoor shoes and they’re out the door. The warm sun was a great start to our short week here at The House. With the temperatures feeling a little more like summer at the beginning of the week, the Seniors of the school took advantage and had some fun in the sun, preparing themselves for the Easter weekend ahead.

The Seniors cheer on their mates from the sidelines as they watch a classic egg race in the yard under the sun.



When they weren’t outside soaking in the rays, and racing eggs, they were inside painting, counting, scooping, sorting, and drawing eggs. It was all Easter this week for the Senior Preschool classroom.

Painting the Eggs!


Matching the capital letter, to the small letter – EGG-cellent.


If you were the Easter Bunny what would YOU do?

I think it is safe to say the whole House was bunny and egg-focused this week as we head into a very chocolate covered weekend. Let’s bounce from Senior Preschool, and make our way to the Preschool classroom, where you’d become even more into the Easter-spirit if you weren’t already.


Want to HEAR a BUNNY joke?


Moulding by the dozen.


Painting an egg, with an egg.

Just like the Seniors of the House, the Preschoolers took on the egg-race challenge too. It was yokes…

Twins in Bunny ears? That’s rHARE.

Now, let’s carefully make our way up the stairs to the Toddler Two room. These Toddlers joined the rest of the House as they focused on all things Easter. See their focus below…

All eyes on Ms. Marney and the outcome of painting with eggs.


Colour sorting the eggs.


The aftermath.

Hop, hop, hop now that we have made our way next door to the Toddler One classroom, let me show you what happened in here this week…


Cracking the eggs in sensory.


Painting with Q-tips to decorate their Easter baskets.

When they were getting their hands messy, they were getting their little faces messy eating all the icing off the cupcakes they made as a class.


Watching Mrs. S prep and mix the ingredients to make the delicious cupcakes.  

The sun was shining, the Easter activities were over-flowing, Suzie Sunshine and the animals of Animal Ambassadors came to visit, and all this happened in only a four-day week…AND before I let you go, we also worked as a team to wash and clean recycled tires we picked up from our local tire shops. We cleaned them,  spray-painted them, and soon you will see them as planters, and play areas for all of us to enjoy!


Water fun, cleaning the tires.




After having fun and washing the tires, we painted them…


Mrs. Cox brightening up a rainy day.

After an action-packed week let’s hop into the LONG Easter weekend!

We hope you all enjoy too much chocolate, and just the right amount of sweets!

Happy Easter Everyone! –  From The Chartwell House























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