April Snow flakes bring…?

A little late on April Fool’s Mother Nature don’t you think?  However, you still got us good! Having it snow in April? You got us real good. But, that’s enough…let’s get back to the Spring weather please.

We may have seen snow outside towards the end of the week, but inside we were keeping it Spring, talking all about Easter in the Senior Preschool room. Have a look!


Reading about Easter.


Writing about Easter.


Did you pick up what I was dropping? It was all Easter this week!

The Senior Preschool class has been practicing lots with their writing – tracing the words on the Easter inspired worksheets, and then tracing letters with their Jolly Phonic workbooks too.


Look at that form, focus and concentration!

Now, let’s focus on what happened this week across the way in the Preschool classroom. The chefs in Preschool were very busy, prepping the ingredients to make a few extra treats throughout the week – the smell of cookies and cupcakes in the air is not a bad thing when we are usually use to smelling….let’s just say it was a nice change! Not only did they work together to make a few treats, they practiced their self-help skills learning how to spread jam on bread, and very carefully cutting bananas and strawberries.


Chefs and sammies in the making.

If the chefs weren’t busy making their meals, they were busy learning about the different ways fruits, vegetables and grains may feel, or taste.


Having a closer look at just what are foods are made of.

There is nothing more important than having a clean kitchen to bake, cook and serve from, and so after the plates were clear, we made sure the children also learnt how to wash the dishes (you are welcome!).



Now that the dishes are done, let’s head up the stairs into the Toddler district, starting in our Toddler Two classroom. They were learning all about circles last week, but this week they went from round to BLOCK.


Which block goes where?





Block skyscrapers, bridges, and tunnels…oh my!


Getting messy in sensory!










There’s only half a door that BLOCKS us from heading into the Toddler One classroom, but if you were to make your way through, you’d better have your umbrella, because these Toddlers were making it RAIN all week.


Rain, rain go away! Playing with rain drops!


Painting our rain gear, or our thumbs!


Rain hats on, let the watering begin!

The Toddler One classroom was prepared for all the rain that came this week with their rain gear ready. And by the end of the week, Mr. Golden Sun must have heard the little voices singing, “rain, rain go away,” because once the snow stopped Mr. Golden Sun FINALLY came out from behind the tree to play on Friday afternoon!

When there’s a Friday, there’s a French Friday! Ms. S made her rounds again this week stopping in each class for her French circles. Last month we learnt the different body parts, and this month, we will be learning all about our famille!


Learning our family members in French.


Matching the family members.

With the weekend around the corner, there’s no one better to spend the next few days with than…family!

From ours to yours – have a wonderful weekend everybody!

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