How about that weather?

Spring is in the air! Finally. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the flowers…well, we will see those in May after those April showers. Let’s not mention the snowfall we had this week…let’s stick to, SPRING IS IN THE AIR!

Hand crafted by: Senior Preschool
The flowers may not have bloomed outside just yet, but, if you were to walk through the Preschool classroom you’d be able to see lots – with flower-inspired artwork on the walls, bouquets giving the room a boost of colour, and gardening happening in the sensory bin there is no shortage of Spring flowers here!


How does your garden grow?
To continue to brighten the classroom, the Preschoolers practiced their gardening this week as they learnt just a little bit more about having a green thumb – how to plant a seed, what makes the seed grow, and how to maintain a garden. They got their hands messy in the dirt, but also got messy with the paint as they painted a very beautiful piece for the mantel.


Before: using the bottom of a water bottle to create a masterpiece


After: the finished product

Where there are flowers there are bees, and if you’re talking about bees, then it is safe to mention the birds…right? Well, this week in the Toddler One classroom they soared through the week learning all about BIRDS.


“One little, two little, three little, four little, five little birds sitting on a wall…” Sing along!


Very focused painting the birdfeeders.

They sang about birds, they made homes for the birds, and they got to play with all the bird seed they could in the sensory bin, practicing their scooping, and pouring…as they scooped the seeds up, and then poured them on to the floor!


Toddler made Bird Nests!

The Toddler One classroom may have been talking all about birds, but if you were to fly next door into the Toddler Two classroom and listened in on one of their CIRCLES, you would notice they were talking about all things ROUND.

Round and round they go! Using a pencil to trace the circles
Painting with ROUND objects!


As the lazy Susan spun around and around, the children held their marker in place – are you getting sleepy?

The Toddlers may have been talking all things round, but if you made your rounds to the Senior Preschool room you would notice they too were covering their SHAPES, as well as their numbers and letters.


Matching the letter to the correct shape to spell our the different words.


Tracing and decorating the different shapes.


How many letters are in your name?

Now let’s hope the weekend SHAPES up to be a nice one – with the amount of sunshine out NUMBERING the amount of rain drops!

From us to you – have a wonderful weekend everybody.

–  The Chartwell House

Excusez-moi Excusez-moi before I let you go, has anyone noticed their little one singing en Français? Each classroom has finished a month of learning the different body parts in French – ask them to see just what they have learnt!


“Name that body part” featuring Mr. Potato Head 


Now, I will let you enjoy your weekend! Au revoir!






















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