Spring has Sprung!


For you!

Say goodbye to the winter blues, Spring is officially here! We even got a small dose of Spring weather just to remind us what we have been waiting for while bundled up in our winter layers. There’s still a slight chill in the air, but with the sun shining and the feeling of Spring in the classrooms, there’s no complaints here.


Speaking of classrooms, let me take you on a small tour of what happened here at The House this week –>

In the coach house is where the Senior Preschoolers spend most of their days, chillin’, relaxin’ all cool – when a couple of teachers who were up to all good, started making lesson plans in the classroom. They thought of one idea, and then got inspired, they said, “you’re movin’ to JK knowing your numbers and letters since it’s not that far away!”

And so the theme of the week in SP…Numbers and letters.


No lost marbles here! Match the amount of marbles to the number seen.
Form: 10 across the board

Numbers, letters and shapes! Oh my.
In 1, 2, 3-seconds I will move you from the Seniors of the School to the youngest ones upstairs in the Toddler One classroom – where the A,B,Cs are just as easy!

1 Mississippi
2 Mississippi
3 Mississippi

Time is up!  Let’s talk about the Todds. This week in Toddler One, they talked and learnt all about Elephants. They stomped, they read stories, they got their hands messy, and they even dressed the part!


That is an elephant colouring.
Give us a hand for our art work!

That’s a full plate!
From T1 to Toddler Two, we transition like the seasons – which is oddly enough, just what these Toddlers are learning about. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, they’ve been covering it all. They’ve been talking about how the weather changes during each season, and each have become little Meteorologists looking out the window, gathering the latest weather update to report back to their friends and teachers during circle. Is it windy? Sunny? Will their be another Spring snow fall? Only they know.


Sunny with a chance of meatballs.
Playing in the sensory bin. “Let me Autumn…’

Nothing is better than fishing on a warm Summer’s day!
With the change of season, Winter to Spring, the popular choice of discussing seasons continues as you make your way down the stairs, and into the Preschool classroom. As you walk in, you can’t help but have a SPRING in your step – with flowers all around, art work that has brighten the walls, and the sun shining though, it has been easy to say goodbye to winter here in Preschool.

Practicing our planting skills before we open our gardens.
Flowers made from paint colours.
Spring and Tulips go hand and fork.
It’s always okay to play in the dirt!
Science Experiment: Waiting for those white petals to change colours!

When we weren’t busy bees welcoming Spring in the classrooms, we were busy welcoming Rockin’ Rattles, Monkeynastix, Meditating Munchkins, and Yoga Monica to The House this week.

We also welcomed Ms. S with a loud, “BONJOUR” as she made her rounds this week for French Fridays.


Ms. S using Mr. Potato Head as a prop to teach the children the body parts en francais.

From Toddlers to Seniors the whole House continues to learn the lyrics and actions to the classic, “Tête épaules genoux pieds.” Where you’ll reach for your head, shoulders, and then down to your knees and toes!

Now, let’s HEAD into the weekend! And don’t worry, all these showers, will bring all those May flowers so stayed turned because we’ll be in full bloom soon.

Au revoir!

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