Countdown till Spring is on!

With Spring only days away, Winter wanted to get it’s last word in with dumping all it had this past Tuesday, but with the luck o’ the Irish, the sun is shining and the snow is melting just in time. Speaking of time, was the hour-change SPRUNG on anyone else?

With no time to waste…let me tell you what happened this week at, The House.

There’s nothing better than coming in on Monday morning and knowing Mrs. Suzie Sunshine will be starting our week off with song and dance! Each classroom gets a dose of Sunshine as she sets the pitch with her pipe, warms the vocals with her “do-re-mi’s,” and frolics around with the children following close behind as they dance to classics sung by classics.

“There’s no sunshine, when she’s gone…” that’s right it was only hours after Suzie left the building when the snow began to fall, and fall and fall! As the weather outside was becoming frightful, we were all inside learning, oh so delightful.

While outside was nothing but a white out, the Toddler One classroom was seeing only GREEN this week as they prepared for St Patrick’s Day.

The scenery looks greenery!
Eat your greens!
No sham’ here…you rock!

From all green, to all bugs – we move next door to the Toddler Two classroom where they’ve continued their learning on BUGS! From posting bugs on the wall, to learning new songs that never BUG our neighbours, to getting our hands messy, it’s been nothing but BUGS here in T2.


Painting with BUGS!
“Ants, ants, ants on my arm…”



If you ventured from the Toddler district and made your way into the Preschool classroom, you wouldn’t escape the creepy crawlers just yet for it was all about REPTILES this week for the Preschoolers. After seeing the snake, and getting close to the caiman last week with Animal Ambassadors, the teachers followed the interest of the children, and gave them a lesson or two on what classifies as a REPTILE.


Who’s checking out who?
Is that real? That looks real.

A reptile is…
 If you slithered over to the Coach House, you’d walk into SPACE, not just the space of the classroom, but I’m talking out of this world, SPACE. The Seniors of The House have been working hard to learn the name of the planets, the distance they are from the sun, and cutting and pasting the correct label to the matching photo. See below!


Matching the label to the picture.


I think we are all a little bit IRISH today because we are all full of luck with the weekend only hours away! Happy St. Patrick’s Day from our little charmers!


Have a wonderful weekend lads!

– The Chartwell House








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