Bunnies, toads and a…TARANTULAS!

OH MY! That’s right ladies and gentleman, your little ones had a chance to pet a real, creepy-crawly, eight legged beast! Even some of the teachers fought fears this week letting the hairy arachnid crawl across their hands.

The itsy-witsy spider…was eaten by this GIGANTIC one.
Did you get the chills up the back too? Good. Along with the tarantula, Animal Ambassadors brought along a sugar glider…

“Sugar, sugar…”
A Caiman Alligator…

Just your average Caiman Alligator
And would you kiss King Toad?

Pucker up! Prince charming has arrived.
Not only did the animals visit The House this week, but we also had Karate with Mr. McCoy, and singing with Rockin’ Rattles – busy, busy, busy! And when we weren’t rockin’ our rattles, or learning how to stay away from DANGER we were in the classroom learning about Space, the Seasons, Bugs, or “all about me.”

On the last posting I left off saying the next post will be out of this world, and I was not lying – our Senior Preschoolers were learning all about SPACE this week. They set up a spaceship in the dramatic centre, they took a closer look at the planets, and practiced tracing the words: S-P-A-C-E  S-H-U-T-T-L-E concentrating on their pincer-grasp.

Look at that form!
Launching in…5, 4,3, 2, 1

Has anyone seen Pluto?
 While the Senior Preschool was lost in space, the Preschool classroom was found exploring the four different seasons. It seems as though we’ve had a small dose of each season in the past few weeks – with temperatures rocketing to 16 with sunshine, to rain with Spring like temperatures, and then cooling down to cover Fall, and then today we see SNOW! Not sure what items to bring to dress your child each morning?  There’s nothing to worry about, as your little ones have been practicing getting snow pants on, to taking off their shoes and socks to enjoy the feel of summer sandals.

They also got a feel for the paint, as they used their hands and feet this week for creative…


The Four Seasons Wall Art
They played with flowers in the sensory bin, they traced the letters spelling out each season, and they took a quick dip in the pool too. Have a look below…


Scooping the flower petals.


Nine more days until SPRING is in the air!

Da-dum…….da-dum..da-dum da-dum da-dum
With the weather hopefully warming up even just a little as Spring approaches, we will once again welcome all the bugs that come with the warmer temps. After getting their hands messy from the gardening in the dirt last week, the Toddler Two classroom discovered that where there is dirt…there is BUGS! And so this week, they squished the topic…BUGS!


Fly-swatter art! See…squishing the topic.
Having a closer look at the ant

Exploring a bug’s life!
I will try not to BUG you much longer, but let’s quickly move next door to the Toddler One room where the theme of the week was, “all about me.” No, no not me personally, although I would recommend the topic, but about themselves – their body, their family, their little busy selves.


“head and shoulders, knees and toes”
Painting a “selfie”
A family portrait sculptured by these little hands


To keep the theme going, there was a new topic this week for Mrs. S’ French Fridays – the body. We have learnt our colours in French, and now we move on to naming different body parts en français.


Learn Along
To help the children learn the body parts in French, Mrs. S is teaching the classic, “Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds!” (Head, and shoulders, knees and toes). The children will practice this each Friday for March, until another theme is introduce next month.

Have a look at the Toddler Two class practicing Head and Shoulders with Mrs. S.

Turn that volume up!

Now, let’s HEAD into the weekend! It’s going to be a chilly one, stay warm Chartwell!

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