Last week at The House

If you can believe it, you all will be lucky enough to see TWO blogs posts this week! Last weeks post got lost in the mail…I apologize!

So put those feet up, sit back, relax and let’s look at what happened here at The House.

We will start in the Toddler district with the youngest bunch in T1 – Although the skies may be GREY, and there may be some winter BLUEs because the WHITE stuff may return before we see the big YELLOW thing again, but the grass is always GREENer on the other side right? The other side meaning…Spring, because that’s when the grass will be greener…ok, ok, ORANGE you glad I am done with the jokes? If you have not guessed, last weeks theme in T1 was…COLOURS!

Standing in a ring of…colours!
Feeling blue?…PAINT.

A little birdy told me that Toddler 2 was learning all about…BIRDS. After hearing the crows cawing while outside, the children started mimicking the caw of the crow, and so they brought the idea inside, and learnt about different birds, built their own bird nests, and even painted using feathers.

Filling the feeders with bird seed.


The results of painting with feathers!

From little painters, to fire fighters, to dancers, all of the children in the Preschool room have told their secret of what they want to be when they grow up. Some want to be teachers, doctors, others want to live on the edge and become police officers, and some just simply want to become “an adult.”  Last week the Preschool room was all about “Community Helpers,” – who they are, and what they do. They even got a closer glance at a police officer and police car when one came to visit, who talked about his duties, and blared the siren for us to hear!


After seeing the Police car we got inspired to make our own…


Community Helper ART

Putting the Helpers together again.
Some children may even want to become…Paleontologists. Just like our Senior Preschoolers were last week when they took a closer look at dinosaurs, and their bones!


“Dem bones, dem bones”
Working on patterning, what comes next?




And just like the dinosaurs, last week is extinct, and so now that you know what we did last week, stay turned tomorrow for what we did this week…it’ll be out of this world!

I would normally end with a clever little jingle introducing the weekend, but instead I will say, “Happy Hump Day!”

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