Short but Sweet..and SUNNY!

We hope you all enjoyed the weather this long weekend, and that one extra day to spend with family! 🙂


Let that sun shine!


It may have been a short week here at The House, but it was definitely action packed! We had visits from Rockin’ Rattles, Meditating Munchkins, and Yoga through-out the week, and when we weren’t singing, dancing, loving, or stretching we were busy roaring like dinosaurs, gardening like…gardeners, stomping our feet like Pete the Cat, and embracing  like…”WE ARE FAMILY!”

“I got all my sisters with me!” We are..Toddler One! That’s right, this week in the T1 classroom, they talked all about their families. They shared who was in their family by gluing on Mommies, Daddies, sisters, and brothers to a cut-out home, they made finger-print families, and played house with some of the toys. See below.



Toddler One’s families.


Finger-print families!



Next we go through the door to our other Toddler family, who may not have been painting this week, but who did have green thumbs! They became gardeners this week as they planted and watered seeds that they will monitor and watch grow as they sit in the sun.

Planting their own seeds.


Watch me as I grow!


Playing in the garden, and getting to know their veggies.

If you were to ask Mary how does her garden grow, she would respond, “with silver bells, and cockle shells,” but if you were to ask me, I’d say “with some tender, LOVE, and care.” When the Preschool classroom took a break from Pete the Cat this week, they sat down for Meditating Munchkins. As they sat in a circle they spread LOVE through the room, and discussed what is cozy to them? The bathtub, the bed, blankets, and stuffies were some of the top answers. Here they are spreading love throughout the classroom.


This may look like an old photo, but that is the SUNSHINE coming through. See what happens when you spread a little love.

They have been extinct for a very, very long time now, however, there is nothing children LOVE more than dinosaurs. Whether it be ROARING like them, stomping like them, or learning all about them, they cannot seem to get enough of them. And so, the Senior Preschool room has dedicated the next few weeks to them. Learning which ones are on a strict salad only diet, or on meat lovers lane, to which ones fly, or run fast. They have been working on their writing skills while tracing the letters D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R, digging for fossils and burying eggs in the sensory bin, and finishing dinosaur patterns choosing what dinosaur comes next in the pattern cutting and pasting them in the correct order.


Trying to match the dinosaurs.

And just like that it’s Friday! And just like how we love dinosaurs, we love the weekend!

Until next week everyone…

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