Roses are red…

Violets are blue
Did you think I was going to write a long poem for you?
Well…you are right
So please sit tight
You are in for a treat
For Chartwell did not skip a beat
Valentine’s Day was mixed in the week
Did you like your gift, and small kiss on the cheek?
We worked hard, got our hands messy too,
But there’s no one more we wouldn’t do it for than YOU.

I promise that it’s over now.
It has come to an end,
So let’s get started on what happened this week…my friend.

We’ll start with the seniors of the House this week where they discussed love, friendship, and distinguished between what were good choices, and what were poor choices when it came to the rules of the classroom.

Good Choices:

“Playing with a friend.” “Sharing toys!” And, “Laughing and hugging.”

Poor Choice:

“Throwing banana peels!”

When we weren’t being monkeys, we were working hard practicing our pencil grasp, and tracing our names.

20170216_0958414138 Tracing the letters of our names and drawing our families.

When we weren’t following the lines of the letters, we were following our hearts and expressing what we think “love” is…

What is love? “Love is hugging” ‘Love is Mommy” and “Love is eating lollipops!”

The Seniors talked about love and what it meant to them after having a day of handing out Valentine’s, having a dance party, and having popcorn for a treat on a special day!

Making our Valentine’s Day Bags in prep for the big day

It was all about love and friendship with the Seniors, and as you made your way to the Preschool classroom, you would know right away these little ones have major LOVE for Pete the Cat!

Pete the Cat and our Handprints!

We talked about what we saw when we looked at a drawing of Pete, and we put together a Pete the Cat puzzle too. We have been reading lots of Pete the Cat stories, and if you don’t know the catchy song yet, you will, because “I love my White Shoes” has been on repeat in my head all week!

What do you see?


Felt board Pete


Puzzle Pete


Pete loves his BROWN shoes, BLUE shoes, RED shoes and WHITE shoes! Sensory fun with Pete’s shoes.

The Preschoolers will be continuing their lessons on Pete the Cat next week as there is a lot more to explore with Pete. To be continued…

Meanwhile, upstairs in the Toddler Two room they were getting messy making Valentine’s Day art. Using a large cardboard box they placed a piece of paper, a few golf balls, and dabs of paint inside, and then shook the box. As the golf balls rolled around and around, the paint splattered the piece of paper, making Valentine’s Day masterpieces. Have a look below…

The results!

And last but not least, the LOVE continues, as the toddlers in the Toddler One room decorated a Valentine’s Day sign with stickers, stamps, and crayons too!


Stamping the Valentine’s Day sign together!


Adding as many stickers are they could to the sign.

And to top off the week, they made a special treat! The little ones watched as Ms. Richardson got her hands messy mixing the ingredients together to make Valentine’s Day cupcakes! Mmm, the children loved them! Leaving no evidence behind, minus the icing covered faces!


Soon to be Cupcakes!




Soon to be no cupcakes!




With a whole lot of love going around the House this week, we can only pass it along when we say enjoy your long weekend, and have a very happy Family Day!

  • The Chartwell House












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