5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

BLASTOFF!! As soon as Monday morning came, we took off on another action packed week here at the House. With aliens taking over the upstairs, to going back to the basics in Preschool, to conquering our senses in Senior Preschool it has been quite the ride.

Just like the ride into space the little ones in Toddler One took this week while learning all about Outer Space.

The dramatic centre turned into SPACE! The little ones had a BLAST in the spaceship!

While exploring in the spaceship, they could look up to see the solar system, but had to be on the look out for there were aliens among them.

They also got their hands messy, playing with Moon sand, and destroying the outer space  shaving cream art the teachers drew on the tables for them. Have a look below…

Moon Sand! Who knew the sand on the moon would be purple!


Shaving Cream Space Art. The calm before the storm


The storm!

It’s a spaceship? It’s an airplane? It’s….it’s a baseball in outer space? How did the baseball get into outer space? It came from the Toddler Two room with a homerun hit! That’s right, the Toddler Two room was all about sports this week after most of them had a few words to say about the Superbowl. They went GAGA over this theme!

They may have got their hands messy, but when the glove fits…

Handprint mitts, and fingerprint baseballs.

After catching the pop-fly, they moved on and worked on their touchdown dance, after decorating the football – See below.


The final product…


It’s 1, 2, 3 strikes you’re out at the ol’ ball game! And in Preschool, it’s 1, 2, 3, plus a whole lot more as they take on NUMBERS this week.


These two are hard at work trying to match the number with just the right amount of pegs.

“It’s as easy as…1 2 3!”


If you were to COUNT to the NUMBER 37, you’d be able to count your steps from the Preschool room, all the way into the Senior Preschool room where’d they SEE you coming, and HEAR the door opening. It was all NUMBERS in Preschool, and in Senior Preschool it was all about taking a closer look at our FIVE SENSES.

Last week, our Seniors learnt all about the five senses and this week they used their senses as they took on the week. Listening to when the music stopped during Musical Chairs,  and when the Wolf cried “LUNCH TIME during “What time is it Mr. Wolf.” Using their sight to see how fast the food colouring changed the water colour when making water paints, and using their sense of touch as they gripped the pair of scissors during creative.


The intensity builds during a game of Musical Chairs, as the last four contestants circle around.


Outside, and bundled up for a game of “What time is it Mr. Wolf? This was taken right before lunch time.


Making the water paints. Here we watch as Ms. Melo mixes the colours together – they change right before our eyes!


After letting the colours freeze over night, the next day we painted with the frozen water colours!

Those paints may have been FROZEN, and they may have had to LET IT GO a few times because it was too cold, but do you know what else is cool? ….That it’s Friday! 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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