How about that weather?

This week we have been kept indoors due to freezing temperatures, then the snow fell covering the yard in a light dusting so we could finally use our new blue sleds, then Mr. Golden Sun FINALLY came out melting the light dusting, and so the sleds were put away and the bikes were brought back out – Oh, Canada….

The weather outside may have been unpredictable, but the learning inside was definitely happening consistently from Monday to Friday here at the house.

And here is proof…

Let’s start up the stairs in the Toddler district.

“We like to move it, move it!” That’s right, the little ones in the Toddler One room focused on all things that move, and GO!


The cars on the carpet go zoom!


The cars in the paint go splat!

Now, let’s move on over to the Toddler Two room where the dinosaurs have not yet become extinct. Last week they stomped liked dinosaurs, and this week they stomped right into the paint to make their very own dino-footprints!


From green feet to Green Eggs an Ham – we go from Dinosaurs with the Toddlers to everything Dr. Seuss with the Preschoolers.

With the Classics like, “Cat in the Hat,” and “One Fish, Two Fish, red fish, blue fish,” we have been covering them all, and getting our hands messy as we do. Here’s a look at what was inside of our sensory bin this week…any guesses? That’s right – that’s Green Eggs and Ham below!


When our hands weren’t getting messy, they were keeping busy during creative. Painting their hands blue, and red, and gluing to make Cat in the Hat’s hat, and a pan full of green eggs!


While our Preschooler hands were getting messy, across the parking lot, our Senior Preschoolers were using their hands to touch, and feel as they covered each of the five senses this week.


We practiced holding, and writing with a pencil as seen above, and below we were captured using our sense of smell. Taking away our sight by being blindfolded, made us focus on our sense of smell to try and figure what scent we were smelling – was it cinnamon, lemon, pepper?


Another sense the Senior Preschoolers have been working on daily is their hearing with the Jolly Phonics program. This week they focused on the sound the letters S and T make. See below as they sort the different items starting with S and T into the correct bin.


All of my senses sense that the week is coming to an end, and the weekend is just around the corner! May you enjoy your Green Eggs and Ham.

Yours Truly,

The Chartwell House

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