Busy, Busy, Busy

It has been a busy week here at the House – with Mr. McCoy coming in and teaching a new kick move to help us when DANGER comes our way during our Martial Arts session, we rocked out to the classics like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with Rockin’ Rattles, and we managed to finally get outdoors – it may have been a little wet but that didn’t stop us from playing a small game of keep-away with the soccer ball, shoveling the…pinecones, and racing the bikes around the race track.

When we weren’t rocking out, or playing outdoors we were getting down to business in the classrooms. Here’s a closer glance at your little one’s week…

In Senior preschool, after last weeks lessons on healthy eating, we studied the ingredients of Stone Soup, and worked hard on gluing the ingredients into the pot.


After adding the proper ingredients to the pot, and waiting for the soup to cool, we fed our babies our very own Stone Soup. Have a look…


Across the parking lot, and into Preschool, you could no longer smell the Stone Soup cooking in Senior Preschool, but you could taste the rainbow with all the Skittles from their science experiment. As the eyes on the children grew as each Skittle was placed around the plate, they watched on wondering what would happen next. After adding warm water, Miss Meagan asked the children, “what do you think is going to happen?” Their minds raced, “the Skittles will disappear,” “the water will turn black!” As the warm water hit the Skittles, the colours started to melt into the middle of the plate – “it looks like a rainbow!”…”it looks like a donut!”

It was all colours and textures for Preschool this week, but if you walked up the stairs into the Toddler district, the colours on the parachute may have looked like the Skittle experiment in Preschool, but it was acting as fireworks, as the children celebrated the Chinese New Year!


They learnt about “Nian,” the Chinese monster who they scared away with the fireworks! Speaking of monsters, if you took a few steps into the Toddler Two room, your steps would turn into stomps as you walked into Jurassic Park. If you followed the dinosaur footprints on the floor…


You would walk right into the path of a giant T-Rex!


Like I said, busy, busy, busy! But oh so fun! With another week coming to an end, let’s ROARR into the weekend. Enjoy 🙂

-The Chartwell House



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