And We’re back!

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays behind us, and most of our little ones back from their vacations in the sun, it is back to business here at Chartwell. We have welcomed a few new faces over the holidays, and they too are settling in. It is a time to start fresh, a time to start new, and a time to start potty-training too! It seems as though there has been a few New Year’s resolutions made by our Preschool friends to ditch the diaper, and pull up the new underwear – for a few have been trying hard to keep their clothes, and extra clothes, dry! It may be a challenge at first, but nothing your little ones cannot handle.

Speaking of challenges, I have asked the teachers to start sending photos of what is happening in the classroom, what are the children learning about, what are they interested in etc – and then I will post these photos here for all to see each week.

For example…blog1

Our friends in Preschool learnt all about transportation – how we get to different places, what may we use to get to those places and what types of transportation do we use to get to school each day?

Meanwhile, upstairs in Toddlers they have been learning all about arctic animals, and the winter time…


Sometimes it may be hard during the winter months to stay healthy, and exercise, but in Senior Preschool they are discussing everything on Nutirtion – learning the food groups, what is healthy eating? how can we prevent cavities? what keeps our bones healthy?…


Taking a closer look at healthy bones


Learning the food groups!

Each week we will be posting photos, and giving an update on all happenings taking place here at Chartwell. Stay tuned!

  • The Chartwell Team

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