June 10, 2016

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE RICHARDSON FAMILY!!! who was the lucky winner of the TACO Night for 4 courtesy of The Chartwell House and supplied by our wonderful friends at Familia Fine Foods catering right here in Oakville.  Check them out at http://familiafinefoods.com/.   They are definitely a staple in our house, when time is not on your side, but you still need a homemade healthy meal made with love for you and your family.

So thank you again to all of you who took the time and shared your ideas in an effort to create the best early learning centre possible.

This week as usual the kids were hard at work, but to not bore you with my words every week I thought that sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words so this week I decided to let the pictures do the talking.

All through the school the children have been busy discovering, playing, learning and growing.  The week started off with a visit from Ms. Suzie Sunshine and this week she brought along some of her ukuleles, for everyone to try!

suzie uke

Everyday each classroom starts their mornings with a group circle. A time to come together. sing, learn and interact with each other.


circleToddler circle.jpgtoddler circle 2.jpg

After circle, the children are off to explore the different areas of the classroom, and participate through purposeful play in the teacher guided activities.


toddler centre.jpgtoddler centre 2.jpgcentres kinder.jpg

Then it is off to explore the great outdoors, and of course who could forget celebrating the Great  Kindergarten’s butterfly release!

outside 1butterflie release.jpg



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