June 3, 2016 Week at a glance!

Our week started off great with a visit from one of our FAVOURITE friends Ms. Suzie Sunshine.  Rain or Shine, Suzie Sunshine always brightens our day by sharing a mixture of children’s classic songs as well as her own value songs, which the students not only enjoy singing, but also leave them with a valuable lesson.SUZIE

In addition to being entertained by the musical stylings of Suzie Sunshine, our muscles were engaged by our friends from Monkey N astics.  The Toddlers were able to take our physical education program outside, where the focus was on their gross motor development and physical skill sets through the manipulation of various resources.   Physical literacy comes from developing a wide variety of fundamental movement skills such as hopping, skipping, throwing, catching, and jumpingGROSSMOTORBLURREDOur Toddler friends are constantly on the move, and their interest in bugs and butterflies is dwindling.  Building on their participation in Monkey N astics, and working on mastering their own bodies movements, they have also become very interested in exploring how things move, and in their words “GOooooo!”

TODDLERCARSTODDLERSTHINGSTHATGOPreschool, while still interested in exploring, and hunting, they have set their sights on something bigger and scarier than bugs this week…..”Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh MY!”.  However while on their very scary safari hunt, they were still drawn back to the many”crawly worms” found in our own backyardhuntersmoreHUNTERS.jpgbugssOur Kinders are still super interested in crunchy munchy caterpillars, and “crawly worms”.  They have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of their classroom butterflies, and just before lunch today, the excitement reached new levels as we got to watch two of our butterflies starting to hatch.  Although it is touch and go right now, and not looking great,  we are hopeful our new friends find their way. We will keep you posted.butterflyhatchcaterpillars2.jpgcaterpillars1.jpg

One of our super talented Chartwell families (Tricia also known as William’s mom)  has just officially launched their website and Facebook page for her amazing photography.  If you are thinking about booking a mini photo session for your little one you should check out McLelland Photography at:

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