May 16th, 2016

Birds, and Bugs and Bees OH MY!  Spring has sprung, and the excitement is everywhere.  This week our students are continuing to explore the world around them, with the Kindergarten class entering The Seeds Foundation’s Annual Bird Challenge.

The aim each year is to involve over 20,000 students at 500 or more schools in doing the BIRD (Bird Identification and Recording Data) Challenge. This helps create student interest in monitoring and enjoying birdlife, which can become a lifelong interest. One of the best ways to get students to bond with nature is through the viewing of wildlife. Birds represent perhaps the best of all wildlife for this purpose as they can be found nearly anywhere and students usually know, or can easily learn, many of the common bird types.

The Tally sheets are being sent home this weekend, if any families in other classrooms are interested in joining the challenge, myself or any of the other Chartwell House educators will be able to get you a tally chart, to help track the birds in your own backyard.

Spring is  nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party”.  Everyone at The Chartwell House is “working hard”  discovering different ways to build bird nests, tracking any signs of Spring, and exploring the importance of bugs.BIRDNESTSBIRDSCANMAKENESTEVERYWHERE


Outside our students have been working towards increasing control over their own movement, balance and co-ordination skills.HEADLESSKINDERS.jpg


On a separate note; one of our Chartwell families is hosting a Stella & Dot party, out front of the school this Thursday, May 19,  from 3:30-5:30, (weather permitting).  All proceeds are being donated to the Alberta Fires Appeal, Canadian Red Cross and matched by the Canadian Government!  invitationSHOP FOR A CAUSE.png


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