The Chartwell House May 12, 2016

April showers bring May flowers! Spring has sprung and the coming of new life and new beginnings are here. The Chartwell House has begun its spring cleaning, and with it has arrived some fresh and rejuvenating ideas. Thank you to everyone who was able to help by returning their parent surveys.  We are a work in progress and are always looking for feedback and suggestions as to ways we can improve our school.

One of the suggestions I received on the survey was for us to deliver regular newsletters to help keep our families up to date with the latest Chartwell news.  In an attempt to reduce our paper consumption, but still keep all of our parents/families informed, we have decided to create this blog, The Chartwell House Happenings.  We will also continue with  our HiMama communication  in both the toddler and preschool classrooms,  as well as notices and reminders being posted on the front doors.

We had one of our favourite visitors to the school today….WHIMZ Animals.  This monthly animal science program focuses on giving the children the opportunity to hold and learn about live animals while teaching the importance of being gentle and respectful to all living creatures.  The crowd pleaser today was the frog.  Everyone burst out laughing watching as he was fed mealworms and had to be continually sprayed with water to protect his delicate skin.FEEDING FROGS AND KEEPING THEM COOL.jpg

With Spring in the air,  Preschool has been branching off of the topic of Spring and focusing on all the things which have sparked their interest in the recent weeks. As we have been able to spend more time exploring our outdoors, many of our Preschool friends have noticed the simple beauties of nature. They have noticed the birds who have returned to the trees, the flowers which are beginning to sprout, the buds on the trees, and even some other “buggy”  visitors who have made their way into our classrooms. They have been hard at work, learning about all different kinds of bugs, matching bugs, making their own bugs, and even experimenting with how to become a bug themselves.BUG MATCH.jpgBUGS.jpgBuggs.jpg

The Toddler Classrooms, are welcoming spring with open arms! They too are loving the warm weather, sunshine and finding all sorts of interesting bugs to inspect. They have been using different art materials  to paint caterpillars, going on a bug hunts, and practicing their colours sorting the colours of the bugs in a jug.Making caterpillars.jpg

Our Kindergarten friends are also excited for Spring, and have recently begun exploring different types of birds, and  discussing where they live and what they look like. They have been practicing their patterning skills with feathers, sorting and graphing small, medium and large trees and learning to build like the pros, making bird houses with  mud, dirt, sticks, grass.PATTERNING WITH FEATHERS.jpgKINDER MAKING BIRDS NESTS.jpg

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