About Us

ImageDuring our quest for a childcare provider, we quickly realized that there wasn’t one school that embodied all of the attributes; we believed to be important in a pre-school environment.  After spending time researching numerous childcare facilities, teaching philosophies, curriculums, activities, meal choices, and parent interaction methods we were left unsatisfied and more confused.  What one school had the other had lacked.  Finding a good school was easy; finding the perfect school for our family was proving impossible.  We struggled to determine which program design was closest to our wants and needs.   During this process we sought frequent advice from friends and family and realized we were not alone in our struggle. As a parent, I believe selecting a high quality childcare facility is one of the most important and difficult choices to make.  To leave your whole world in the care of another can be extremely unnerving and emotionally challenging.  That is why I began speaking to other parents and fantasizing about our ideal childcare facility.  It is from these ideas that The Chartwell Early Learning Centre was inspired.

Welcome to our centre, we hope you are as pleased with the programs as we are.   
Alexandra Fell